Blue Hyper Giant


Okay, they do talk, but they are not chatty people by any stretch of the word.

I’m so sorry Butch, but you agreed to travel with two most boring losers in the wasteland


destiny | class vanguards


fucking smiling salarians # 2


I got a few asks from a while ago concerning Garrus’s reaction to seeing a turian Shepard and then a recent one popped up so I decided to get back on track with that! And to the anon, don’t worry you are definitely not a bother! I need to stop being a lazy ass and draw some more xP

side note: Joker can’t really tell turians apart aside from their marks on their faces.


N7 Day on Tuchunka by AndrewRyanArt
my male human adept in mass effect mp

my male human adept in mass effect mp

So You Think You Can Dance ft. the wonderful ladies of your squad
… with Special Guest Stars EDI and Joker